Classification class is something like true/false; 0,1,... Here you need to transform it into integers (e.g. 0,1).

Feature space is a space for your multidimensional data. Each feature (vector) should have its own ID (index) and its value. E.g. 1:23.2 means that feature/dimension 1 has value 23.2.

a) Index merely serves as a way to distinguish between the features/parameters. In terms of a hyperspace, it's merely designating each component: Eg: 3-D ( 3 features) indices 1,2,3 would correspond to the x,y,z coordinates.

b) The correspondence is merely mathematical, when constructing the hyper-plane, these serve as coordinates(坐标).

如果使用libsvmread语句,那么数据以稀疏数组或者稀疏矩阵的形式存储的。( Essentially, it means only the non-zero data are stored, and any missing data is taken as holding value zero.)


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